2048 Fortnite 6x6

Merge the Fortnite tiles to score high!




2048 Fortnite brings together the excitement of Fortnite’s battle royale with the engaging gameplay of 2048, creating a unique puzzle experience for fans of both games.

How to Play

  • Merge Gun Tiles: Just like in Fortnite, combine similar gun tiles to unlock more advanced weapons and increase your score.
  • Easy Controls: Swipe on your smartphone or use arrow keys on a desktop or laptop to maneuver the gun blocks on the 4x4 board.

Fortnite-Themed Fun

  • Battle Royale Style: Each merged tile brings you closer to Fortnite’s high-level guns, adding a battle royale twist to the classic 2048 puzzle.
  • Score Tracking: Keep an eye on your performance with a scorecard at the top of the board.

The Goal of the Game

  • Climb the Ranks: As you merge tiles, progress through Fortnite’s arsenal, aiming for the highest-scoring weapons.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Plan your moves to combine tiles efficiently, enhancing your strategy as you would in a Fortnite match.

Game Over? Keep Battling!

  • Fill the Board: The game goes on until you can’t make more moves, so keep your board organized.
  • Fortnite Skills in Play: Use your Fortnite strategy skills to navigate the 2048 grid for a longer and more rewarding game.