2048 Holidays 6x6

Merge the Holidays tiles to score high!




2048 Holidays game brings the spirit of various yearly celebrations into the classic 2048 puzzle format, offering a seasonal twist for puzzle enthusiasts.

How to Play

  • Merge Holiday Tiles: Combine the same holiday tiles to reveal the next festive celebration in the sequence.
  • Controls for Everyone: Use arrow keys on a desktop or swipe on mobile devices to move the tiles around the 4x4 grid.

The Goal of the Game

  • Celebrate Progress: As you merge tiles, uncover and celebrate a variety of holidays, each with its unique tile design.
  • Strategic Moves: Plan your strategy to keep the board clear and continue revealing more holiday-themed tiles.

When the Game Ends

  • Keep the Festivities Going: The game continues as long as you can successfully merge tiles and make space for new ones.
  • Holiday Strategy: Just like planning for holiday celebrations, strategize your tile movements for a more prolonged and enjoyable game experience.