2048 Reverse

Play backwards to aim for no. 2!




2048 Reverse takes the familiar gameplay of the classic 2048 number game and flips it on its head, offering a new level of challenge for puzzle enthusiasts.

How to Play

  • Reverse Merging: Instead of increasing numbers, merge tiles to halve them, starting from 2048 down to 2.
  • Control Mechanics: Use arrow keys on a desktop or swipe on mobile devices to combine tiles on the 4x4 grid.

The Goal of the Game

  • Reverse Strategy: The aim is to successfully bring down the numbers to the smallest tile, presenting a unique challenge compared to the classic game.
  • Test Your Skills: This version is for those who have mastered the standard 2048 and are looking for a tougher puzzle to conquer.

Game Over? Keep Trying!

  • Manage Your Tiles: The game ends when no more merges are possible, so plan your moves carefully.
  • Persistence Pays Off: Reaching the end tile of 2 is tough, requiring repeated efforts and strategic thinking.