2048 Starbucks 5x5

Merge the Starbucks tiles to score high!




2048 Starbucks combines the classic 2048 gameplay with the popular beverages of Starbucks, creating a delightful puzzle experience for coffee lovers and gamers alike.

How to Play

  • Merge Starbucks Drinks: Combine similar drink tiles to unlock new Starbucks beverages and score points.
  • Simple Controls: Swipe on your smartphone or use arrow keys on a desktop to move the drink tiles on the grid.

The Goal of the Game

  • Discover Starbucks Beverages: Aim to unlock as many drinks as possible, experiencing the variety of Starbucks offerings.
  • Score High: Keep an eye on your score as you combine drink tiles, challenging yourself to beat your high score.

When the Game Ends

  • Space Management: The game continues as long as you can merge tiles and make room for new drinks.
  • Coffee Strategy: Just like crafting the perfect Starbucks order, strategize your tile movements for a longer and more enjoyable game experience.